Time to start your own auctions website like ebay.Our scripts are available in Spanish and Greek language,but you can add also your own language at any time.

Front end Area - Back end Area
Admin Functions

Site Name
Site URL
Admin Email Address
Choose Site Skin
Choose Site Logo
Choose Default Language
Maintenance Mode
Initialize Auction Counters

General Settings
Configure Feedback Importer [ Mod ]
User Signup Confirmation Settings
Closed Auctions Deletion
Home Page Featured Items
Category Pages Featured Items
Recently Listed Auctions
Recently Viewed Auctions mods
Popular Auctions
Ending Soon Auctions
Auction Images Settings
Currency Settings
Time and Date Settings
Setup SSL Support
Meta Tags Settings (sitewide)
Cron Jobs Settings
Minimum Registration Age Settings
Recently Listed Wanted Ads
Media Upload Settings
Select Buy Out Method
Selling Process Navigation Buttons Positioning
Maximum Number of Auto Relists Allowed
Site Invoices Settings
Digital Downloads
Buy Out - Force Payment Option
Google Analytics Code
Recently Listed Reverse Auctions
Fulltext Search Method
Browse Pages Thumbnail Size

Shipping Costs
Home Page Login Box
Home Page News Box
Buy Out/Make Offer
Registration Page Terms and Conditions Box
Selling Process Terms and Conditions Box
Items Swapping Feature
Home Page Users and Auctions Counter
Additional Category Listing
User Defined Languages
Auctions Sniping Feature
Private Site/Single Seller
Preferred Sellers Feature
BCC Emailing to the Site Admin
Ask Seller a Question Feature
Wanted Ads
Bid Retraction
Other Items from Seller on Auction Details Page
Bulk Lister (not included)
Category Counters
Users Phone Numbers on Successful Sales
Search Engine Friendly Links (mod rewrite)
Enable Auctions Approval
Change Auction Duration when a Bid is Placed
Enable Seller Verification
Enable Profile Page
Enable Store Only Mode
Enable Skin Change on User End
Enable Second Chance Purchasing
Marked Deleted Auctions Removal
Enable Private Reputation Comments
End of Auction Fee Refunds
Close Auctions Before End Time
Enable First Bidder Auctions
Google SideWiki Blocker
Enable Custom End Time
Allow Buyer to Combine Purchases (Create Invoices)
Enable/Config Affiliate Mod [ Extra Mod ]
Display Free Fees on the Front End
Enable Proxy Bidding
Enable Free Category Change
Limit number of bids/offers per user
Enable Bidder Verification
Enable Featured Stores on Homepage Box [ Mod ]
Enable Newest Members on Homepage Box [ Mod ]
Enable Most Viewed items on Homepage Box [ Mod ]
Enable Top Sellers on Homepage Box [ Extra Mod ]
Enable Last Sold items on Homepage Box [ Mod ]
And more....
Main Settings
Payment Gateways Setup
PayPal,Worl-dpay,2Che-ckout,No-chex,Ik-obo,Pro-tx,Autho-rize,Mon-eybookers,Pa-ymate,G00-gle Check-out,Ama-zon,Aler-tPay,G-UNPAL
Fees Management
Currency Settings
Manage Refund Requests

Custom Fields Setup
Set Up Box Types
Users Management
Admin Users
Users Management
Custom Registration Fields Setup
Login as Site User
Users Reputation Management
Custom Reputation Fields Setup (sale)
Custom Reputation Fields Setup (purchase)
Send Registration Activation Emails
Send Newsletter
View Abuse Reports
Ban Users
Blocked Users
Auctions Management
Open Auctions
Closed Auctions
Unstarted Auctions
Suspended Auctions
Sold Items
Auctions Awaiting Approval
Custom Auction Fields Management
Wanted Ads Management
Custom Wanted Ad Fields Management
User Messages Management
Shipping Carriers Management
View Retracted Bids

Reverse Auctions Management
Enable Reverse Auctions
Home Page Featured Reverse Auctions
Category Pages Featured Reverse Auctions
Edit Categories
Edit Category Language Files
Edit Project Budgets Table
Open Auctions
Closed Auctions
Unstarted Auctions
Suspended Auctions
Projects Awarded
Custom Reverse Auction Fields Management
Provider Profile Custom Fields Management
Custom Reputation Fields Setup (project poster)
Custom Reputation Fields Setup (provider)
Tables Management
Edit Countries Table
Edit Auction Durations Table
Edit Payment Options Table
Edit Shipping Options Table
Edit Bid Increments Table
Edit Postage Tiers (Total Weight Based)
Edit Postage Tiers (Invoice Amount Based)

Stores Management
Enable Stores
Store Subscriptions Management
Stores Management
Edit Categories
Edit Category Language Files
View Suggested Categories

Site Content
Vouchers Management
Edit Help Section
Edit News Section
Edit FAQ Section
Edit About Us Page
Edit Contact Us Page
Edit Terms and Conditions Page
Edit Privacy Policy Page
Custom Pages Management
Edit System Emails
Site Banners Management
Rotating Banners
Edit Site Language Files
Edit Members Announcements
Manage Right Side Boxes [Mod]
Enable Site Fees Page

Tax Settings
Enable Tax
Tax Configuration
Tax Fields Conversion
Word Filter
Block Free Email Accounts on Registration
Currency Converter
And More..

Server Required

(We Recommend you not godaddy server or any other similar,the scripts maybe not working in this servers)

Apache version2.2.23 or newest
PHP version5.2.17 or newest
MySQL version5.1.66-cll or newest
Operating systemlinux
Path to sendmail/usr/sbin/sendmail
Path to Perl/usr/bin/perl
Perl version5.10.1 or newest
Kernel version2.6.32-279.14.1.el6.x86_64

ebay Clone 2017 PHP Scripts - Multi Languages - Spanish - Greek

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