The directory sites list is for owners who want to have websites in one place and to open them with only one click.Allow your visitors to submit their sites to your list,make your own sites list.

Create your own forum sites list,directory sites list,blog sites list,or any other list from any kind of type of sites.

The directory sites list doesn't need phpmyadmin,because doesn't have database.The scripts running under php files only.

How the website working?

When you have install the scripts then you need to modify the php files in a html editor in order to write your own content,title,descripts,meta tags and more.After that you can visit your admin area to manage the site,to add new sites on your list or to delete.Your visitors can add him website without any registration and you will get to your email a message that is remaining a new link to add to your list,then you can deside if you want to accept it or to refuse it.If you accept it then the link is already to your sites list and you can manage it.

How the advertising system works?

The advertising is different system,need to create new advertising folder on your filemanager and make the installation there,then after the installation you can create the type of banners or link sales on your site,then allow your visitors to pay you to your paypal what kind of advertising they want to add to your site,they can choose if they want to buy dofollow or nofollow links,banner or text links.After their success paymant their banner or text link is automatically to your site,if they do not renew it then it will removed from your site automatically.

How the multilink opener works?

On the sites list have field in every line of the site link,the visitor can choose as many links as he want to open by click on the every field,then all him choised links are added automatically to the multi-link opener area and need just one click,when he click the button Open All then automatically all the links opens to him browser.

The visitor need to allow him browser to open popup windows from your site,otherwhise the multilink opene doesn't works for him.

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Directory Sites List With Multi-link Opener Plus Advertising System

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